The Father Says Today- “Just A Little Longer”


Courtesy of The Father’s Heart Ministry

The Father says today that you can know a wolf by the tracks it leaves. My letters of liberty are written on the hearts of men and I have written and etched your spirit with words of life and affirmation. It is time to tear out the pages that religious predators have written in your life and in your heart. You are not who they said you were and you have not been called to do what they say you must do. Walk out says the Father. Walk out into your liberty. Walk out of darkness for the Daystar of My promise is arising in your heart to bring life and release even this day.

Just a little longer says the Father. I see the cry and the questions of your heart. Do not allow the enemy to tempt you into thinking I have turned a deaf ear and blind eye to THAT issue. A little longer says the Father maintain your trust in Me and fidelity to your assignment. Assignments have beginnings and endings and when this assignment you are in comes to its conclusion there will be promotion and blessing commensurate with the struggle you have faced.

The Father Says Today- You Are Not Counted Out !


Courtesy of The Father’s Heart Ministry

The Father says today that I am the same yesterday and today and forever. The faithfulness I exhibited to My servant Abraham I am according to you because that is My nature. It is who I am and what I do. There is no special grace that I accorded to Abraham that I will not grant to you. In fact the favor on Abraham was only the beginning of My promises to man. In your life I will bring not only the beginning but the full extent of all My covenant and blessing and grace.

So let your heart and your faith rise to the occasion and seek out all that I am willing to do in you and for you. You will not be left out says the Father. I say to you this day that you are not excluded or counted out in any way. Put your expectations upon Me and your trust for you will not be disappointed. I am the God of fullness and of My fullness you are destined and ordained to taste not only in the world to come but in this day and this moment in every situation and circumstance that you face.

The Father Says Today- You are Safe & Secure


Courtesy of The Father’s Heart Ministry

The Father says today lean into Me this day. I am the Lord of the day and it is My favor and grace that surrounds you on every hand. Be encouraged says the Father. Be comforted in My strength for it is from My strength that I am supplying you every resource to navigate the challenges you are facing. Trust in My strong right arm for I am the rock that cannot be broken therefore you will not be broken or taken or destroyed.

Yes says the Father this is a determinate day that My hand is upon you for good and not for evil says the Father. Though the enemy rage and make his voice to be heard it is My voice that determines the outcome of every situation of your life. Never yield threats of the enemy. I am the defense that guards you on the right hand and on the left and there is nothing that will set on you to hurt or harm you in any way. You are safe says the Father and you are secure in My pavilion.

The Father Says Today- Empty Your Hands and I Will Fill Your Heart!


Courtesy of The Father’s Heart Ministry

The Father says today that you are coming into a bridal season. The consummation of Myself in you is about to take place. The bridal garments are available now. Take them and adorn yourself as a bride adorned for that One whom she loves. This is your time. This is the day and the hour. There will be delay no longer.

Allow Me to fill you says the Father. Allow Me to execute upon you that transformative grace that will shape and mold you with FINALITY into My image. I am bringing My mantle over you as Boaz covered Ruth. No more gleaning in the fields for morsels of “hear in part and know in part”. I am coming into your life in fullness. Empty your hands and I will fill your heart says the Father. Set aside all distraction and fix your gaze upon Me.

Ready or not here I come. I am coming that you might know Me as you have longed to know Me. That you might experience Me and be filled with all that I am on the inward parts of all that you are. I am perfecting intimacy in you today says the Father. Respond to My embrace this day and I will perfect Myself in you beyond all your highest expecations.

The Father Says Today- Come away My Beloved!


Courtesy of The Father’s Heart Ministry

The Father says today do you really understand what grace is and what grace does? My grace is multiplying itself in your life. My unmerited, unearned no-strings-attached favor and blessing and goodness is YOUR PORTION says the Father. Even as I gave you the highest gift of My son while you were yet in your sin even so will I not withhold any good gift. Restriction and denial are the fruit of a heart that has disqualified itself from My blessing.

Receive the washing of regeneration of My Spirit this day says the Father. Allow Me to receive you to Myself and make you a living epistle of wholeness and cleansing. My heart yearns that you know more and receive more of Myself this day. There is so much more of Myself to experience. My deep is yearning upon your deep says the Father. Come away My beloved and know the full accounting of My love toward you this day.

The Father Says Today- Change Has Come!

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Courtesy of The Father’s Heart Ministry

The Father says today that I will make an end. I am ending something in your life and bringing you to a change of assignment. When the drover pulls on the reins of a braying beast there is always resistance and complaint. When you feel resistance in yourself to the changes I am bringing I am bringing let that be the occasion that you choose to be SELF-CORRECTING and bring your natural man into submission to My purposes in your life.

I am calling for a fresh alignment of My character and spirit inside you. Put away the childish toys and thoughts of yesterday and adorn yourself as a potent and strong and full-grown servant of the Most High. Those things that have contaminated your life and distracted you are far beneath the dignity and sonship I have ordained you to walk in – so let those things fall of even as the chaff falls away from the wheat.

I am bringing you into the garner of My purposes says the Father and there are some things and people and attitudes and habits of life that it is now time to be left behind. It is the stringent discipline of My hand that brings about the clarity and cleanness of heart you have asked Me for. Cooperate with the cleansing says the Father and you will see a fresh increase of habitation of My Spirit in your life beginning this very hour.

The Father Says Today- Be Patient and Brave!


Courtesy of The Father’s Heart Ministry

The Father says today My child be patient and be brave! Be of good courage says the Father! The offenses of others and injuries against you will not last forever. I place no premium upon suffering or misfortune or troubles. I WILL BRING and END says your God! There is not efficacious value in hardship. Let not such thoughts enter into your mind. My people endure much unnecessary pain because of the lies of religious minds who cannot see the victory of the Cross. I drank upon the cross the dregs of human suffering therefore there is no need for you to drink of that cup says the Father. Drink rather the cup of mercy and forgiveness and healing – even healing for your heart and mind and body.

Let your heart persevere and be patient for every moment of patience hastens your season of breakthrough. When the savage and harsh of heart assault you let mildness and restraint be your reply. Do not give the angel of your deliverance pause by taking vengeance upon those who wrong you. Do not delay the hand I have commissioned to free and liberate you from the snare of the enemy. Mercy rejoices of judgment and patience in your heart even toward the undeserving will garner for you the reward of those who are dear to My heart and endeared to My purpose.

The Father Says Today “HOPE”


Courtesy of The Father’s Heart Ministry

The Father says today that hope in your heart sets the precondition of tomorrow’s blessing. Hope is indispensable. Do not allow the enemy of your future to rob you of the expectancy and exuberance of My goodness. You will not be denied says the Father. Delay will be eliminated as you cooperate with Me. You do understand that I am not an OBSTRUCTIONIST GOD? I don’t filibuster your prayers waiting for you to give up asking. When you ask it is not necessary to overcome a perceived reluctance on My part to answer because My default position toward you is YES!

Yes to blessing!

Yes to release!

Yes to restoration!

Can you take YES for answer says the Father? Is YES good enough for you? I will never say NO to what the suffering of the cross signed off on. The cross is My open treasury and you never need ASK Me to do what the CROSS has already done. It is a FINISHED WORK says the Father and I am pouring out on your this day the FINISHING ANOINTING.

The Father Says Today “You Are Valuable To My Kingdom”


Courtesy of The Daily Prophetic Word by Father’s Heart Ministry

The Father says today that you are quite indispensable to My plans in the earth. I have plans says the Father and you are part of them. My purposes include you and in fact require your participation. I am not willing to do the things in the earth that I’m going to do without you. You are the unique and required component that I will use to accomplish and to express who I am to all those around you.

You are the lamp by which I have and will continue to illuminate the darkness. You have already been effective. The enemy wants you to think you have failed and are useless and that life is vain. Your life is not in vain. Today I will begin to open your eyes and show you just how much of an impact you have made in behalf of My kingdom. There are lives that are different and better because of you. Don’t allow yourself to believe otherwise. Forget the past and the mistakes and failures. Settle in to My grace and My purposes and I will cleanse and forgive and reconfigure your life to a full and accurate manifestation of My love and My power in the earth.


The Father Says Today…


Courtesy of The Daily Prophetic Word by Father’s Heart Ministry

The Father says today that you are My planting and I will prosper you where you are. I will vine Myself in you and branch Myself in you and cause you to bloom and be fruitful IN PLACE. Do not fall into the misdirection that thinks the blessing is somewhere other than where you are.

I said I would bless what you put your hand to. I have not commissioned you to follow after the blessing. My blessing FOLLOWS YOU! My favor and My power and My grace rests upon you because of WHO YOU ARE not where you go or what you do. Know that I am with you and though your bed is made in hell I will vanguard and protect and be with you even there. You will not be put to flight. The enemy will be displaced and not you. They thought to remove you and send you away but your eye will see your detractors removed and denied for you are the object of My favor. You are the pupil of My eye and I will not allow any one or anything to set on you to harm you in any way.